Top 10 Tips To Travel Better With Kids For Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tours

Countless families around the world often consider planning and going for a holiday with kids. But how about taking your little ones to safari holidays, yes, it is the best that parents can do for their kids. Children always get excited after watching animals on a television or jungle themed cartoons. The real & actual experience will be just inimitable & extremely rare. So going to Africa & especially for Tanzania Safari Tours with your kids will just be thrilled watching wildlife for real. A country like Tanzania presents immense diversity & makes for a perfect holiday destination for the entire family. 

Now before going on the ultimate trip with your kids, just go through the tips below that are going to safeguard your family through the trip, and are as follows:-      

Health First

When even kids are included for the coveted Tanzania Safari Destinations, medication, travel insurance and vaccinations will be on the top priority for each and every parent who is considering for such a tour.

Vaccinations for yellow fever are a requirement along with lots of malaria tablets & mosquito repellents for the tour. As extra security, make a small first aid kit that contains bandages, sea sickness pills and other important medicines that might come in handy. Additionally, having health insurance will be a good move.

To Pack Or Not To Pack

While packing your luggage for the Tanzania Safari Tours please don’t assume that weather in this region will always stay sunny & warm. In case, you are travelling during the peak safari season such as in the months of June till November, you will require some windcheaters & light sweaters for early morning game drives.

Furthermore, if you have planned for your beach holidays such as going to Zanzibar, then start packing your luggage with swimwear, sunscreen and light clothes.

Lodges Or Camps?

If you are travelling with kids below ten years, then it will be better for you to stay at lodges. Moreover, most lodges allow kids who are teenagers and above for safety reasons.

Some of these lodges have been specifically designed to provide some types of kids’ entertainment, having a swimming pool & various child-friendly facilities that make sure that they get maximum enjoyment and comfort.

Be Picky With Things To Do

For an average traveller, there is so much to do beyond just safari. There are a number of outings that you will like to consider.

Fortunately, if you are on the beach, there are hundreds of water-based activities that your kids can take part in.   

Do Not Miss The Beach

Your kids will just love it when you take them to beaches. Beaches in Tanzania are tranquil, perfect and intact.

It is highly recommended for a family schedule. Apart from just breathtaking views, beach lodges and resorts here provide a number of recreation activities for your kids and they are barely going to get bored.

Meal Preferences

Now the biggest issue for the parents, when they travel with kids anywhere in the world including Tanzania Safaris, is getting preferred food options.

By the way, most of the hotels have continental food & that means lots of fresh fruits, loaves of bread, soups & another health-oriented foodstuff that will be good for your kids.  

Manage Your Timings

If you have travelled for a very long duration before reaching your Tanzania Safari Destinations, then it will be better to rest for the day & start the tour the very next day.

Balance your schedule in such a way that your kids are not exhausted with a day filled with activities. Moreover, if you want to take some more rest & don’t want to go for early morning safari drives, then inform your tour guide immediately that you need some more rest time.         

Extra Entertainment

As an adult, you may be just excited after watching a real lion for the second or third time, but when it comes to kids they really get bored after seeing them for so many times. Thus, you have to just keep them occupied by providing them with a colouring book, a crossword puzzle and an animal guide that gets them thrilled.

Also keep your kids away from all sort of electronic gadgets while on a game drive as such things will hamper their experience in nature. Most of the hotels and camps also provide entertainment for kids. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

Kids like to explore lots of places & Tanzania is one of them. It is also a safe destination where people especially kids with families will have lots of fun.

While forest walks & adventurous activities require adult supervision, snorkelling & bird watching are some of the real fun things to do with your kids. So don’t be afraid to explore ever. 

Consider The Itinerary That Best Suits Everyone

Yes, it is the best way to make a schedule or itinerary that suits everyone in the family. While making any such schedule you have to take account of every family member and their requirements regarding the tour including children who are mature enough to voice their own consents and opinions regarding the schedules of the tour.

Moreover, while preparing for choosing the Tanzania Safari Packages, consulting with a tour operator will be extremely helpful because in this way most of your important & specific questions & queries will be answered.  

Give your kids the wings they need to fly & explore nature. They will learn a lot of things from Tanzania Safari Tours which is really not possible when the same thing is done in a closed classroom.  Please visit us @ to know about the family packages that will provide more fun for kids and if interested you can book for one.